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Help & FAQ

Help for Visitors

How can I protect myself from scammers?

If you have to make a anonymous pre payment (e.g. Bitcoins, Transcash, PCS tickets, Neosurf or prepaid card recharge coupons), do NEVER accept it! Report us this escort and take the next one. Pre payments via anonymous payment options are mostly used by scammers!

Request escorts with "crown" icons or with green verified icon preferred, because they got verified by us.

Are all the escorts real and all entries really current?

We value the quality of the escorts directory very much!
Every newly submitted (and every modified) escort or agency profile is unpublished and pending until a HappyEscorts team member reviews and approves the entry to be published.

Furthermore, you can be certain that the member really exists (check the last login date published on the escort's profile).
VIP EscortVIP Escorts AgencyVIP escorts and Escorts of the Week are additionally verified; watch for the crown or green verified icons.

What means GFE, SUB, DOM, NCL, MAS, BJC, BCN, CIM etc.?

The following abbreviations are used for certain activities:

GFEGirl Friend Experience - hugging, kissing, caressing
SUBSubmissive - enjoys to be dominated
DOMDominant - enjoys to dominate you
ANAAnal Sex - also called Greek sex
TOYToys - such as vibrators, dildos, plugs etc.
MASMassage - erotic massage can be provided
HDJHand Job - manual stimulation
BJCBlow Job Covered - oral sex with a condom
CIMCum In Mouth - also called swallowing
CAMCamera - permission to take pictures or video
FFMFemale Female Male - sex with 2 women at the same time
MMFMale Male Female - sex with 2 men at the same time
GBGGangbang - sex with 3 or more men at the same time

How can I contact a certain escort to send a booking request?

At the escort´s profile page simply fill out the contact form and push the "Send Message" button. Your message will be send to the escort via email within seconds.

Some escorts have also in e.g. Whats App or Viber Chat in their profile. If you see it, use it preferred, because it´s a more faster way to get in touch with the escorts.

Please note: If you abuse the message system with SPAM messages your email address and IP address will be blocked in the system and you can no longer contact escorts at this site.

Help for Escorts

Is it really free?

It is completely free.
Only advertiser such as Escort of the Week, Agencies of the Week or VIP-members have to pay - but regular escorts (and escort agencies) do not have to pay anything.

What is the 30-days expiration policy?

To keep the escorts directory up-to-date and current, we recommend to all escorts and agencies to login at least every 30 days. We show the last login date outside in your profile for visitors. So outdated profiles will receive definitely less booking requests.

Tip: Escorts who just logged in recently will be requested by clients in search results more often than those who logged in 20 days ago. So to be contacted more often than your lazy colleagues you should log in daily.

How can I upload my photos?

When entering or changing your escort profile you can upload many photos. They are automatically formatted as a portrait image with a size of 315 x 210 pixels.
When you upload a landscape photo, the center is automatically cut out to display it here in portrait format.

The maximum size of each photo may not exceed 2 MB.

Please upload only .JPG or .GIF or .PNG.

Is my privacy protected?

Very much so.
We take great care in protecting our member´s privacy and enforce a strict privacy policy. Besides your date of birth (which is not published anywhere and which is only used to calculate your age and your zodiac sun signs) no personal information are required.

Why is my Website URL hidden? It looks like www.**********.com

Your (clickable) link to your website URL (home page) is displayed on your profile only if you have a backlink to HappyEscorts on your website.
To do so, simply select one of the HTML banner codes and add them to your website.

VIP escorts or agencies and "Escort of the Week" or "Agency of the Week" don´t need a backlink - their URL is always displayed.

My phone number is not displayed on my profile - what is wrong?

This is a paid membership feature. You phone number is always displayed if you are Escort of the Week, Agency of the Week or VIP-Escort.

Do I have to submit my real address?

Only paying members (VIP-Status or Escorts of the Week / Agencies of the Week) can provide a billing address if they want to receive an invoice/receipt after the payment but it´s not needed. We have one of the most anonymous payment processes in the escort branch to protect your privacy. We have also a very tight privacy policy to strictly protect our valued members´ privacy.

Can I unpublish my entry e.g. when I´m on vacation?

Yes, of course.
When viewing your escort profile simply hit the vacation mode checkbox on top of your picture. The checkbox is only visible when you are logged in. When you hit the checkbox it turns into "checked" to activate the vacation mode. Your profile will be no longer visible for others and you will retain your rankings in all listings with it.

Note: Your profile and your images will NOT be deleted, only unpublished. Don´t forget to re-publish your profile when you are back from vacation. To do so, simply hit the checkbox "vacation mode" on top of your picture - it will turns into unchecked again to indicate that your profile is now published and visible.

Can I temporarily change my location when I intend to travel?

When editing your escorts profile, simply select the new country and/or city and hit "Submit". Your entry will now display in your new location.

How to delete my entry when I no longer wish to work as escort?

When viewing your profile (you must be logged in) simply hit the "Delete" Button. Confirm the warning dialog with "Ok" and your profile and all data will be deleted right away.

How to backlink to HappyEscorts?

We display your (clickable) website URL to your home page if you have a backlink to HappyEscorts on your website. To do so, simply choose one of the HTML banner codes and add them to your website.

Can I earn a commission if I recommend HappyEscorts to my friends?

Yes. Learn more about the HappyEscorts affiliate program.

What can I do to get the attention of clients?

  • Be up-to-date: Login on HappyEscorts daily. We show the login date and the online status in your profile and clients look more for active escorts.
  • Collect reviews: Your clients were happy with your services? Tell them to write a review on your HappyEscorts profile about your good service. We reward profiles with good reviews by setting it up as a highlight for clients on our directory. If you have many good reviews, you will get even more client requests, because it gives more trust.
  • Update photos: Bring your pictures all time up to date. It´s nothing more unattractive then having boring and outdated pictures.
  • Provide much information: We have a comprehensive filter system and clients can not find you, if you add only with few personal information about you.
  • Be "Available Today": When you know that you don´t have dates for today, use "Available Today" function in your profile to make attention that you have time today (Your profile will be visible highlighted).
  • Use discounts: Offer discounts to your customers. There is an option in your profile. You can set percentage value and discount period. This can help to increase your revenue for a specific period because of more requests. Your profile will be highlighted in this period, that you offer discounts.
  • Photo/Video verification: Verify your photos in your profile. That gives customers more trust and you will receive significantly more requests than escorts who are NOT verified. You will be also listed on top before ALL unverified profiles! Note: Video verification ranks higher than photo verification.
  • Book Premium Membership: That is the biggest lever. Without being premium member of HappyEscorts, you will not have any success. Find out more here: VIP and Escort of the Week. Note: Escort of the Week ranks higher than VIP in all listings. So with Escort of the Week, you will have the greatest success.
Help for Agencies

Can I really add my agency and 6 escorts for free?

You can add your agency profile and website-thumb-shot and up to 6 escorts for free.
Only VIPs and advertisers need to pay a reasonable membership fee.

My website URL looks like www.************.com. What is wrong?

We display your (clickable) link to your website home page only if you have a backlink to HappyEscorts on your website.

To do so, please select one of the HTML banner codes and add them to your website. Next, add the URL where we can find the backlink to your profile (e.g. If the backlink is valid, your (clickable) URL is instantly displayed on your agency profile (the same applies for your escort profiles).

Your website URL is always displayed if you are Agency of the Week or VIP-Agency.

The phone number is not displayed on my agency profile and on my escort´s profiles - why?

This is a paid membership feature. You phone number is always displayed if you are Agency of the Week or VIP-Agency.

When a user contacts one of my Escort, will I receive these messages?

Of course.
As the escort´s agency you will receive all messages that will be sent to your escorts.

Can I temporarily unpublish a certain escorts if she is out of town?

Of course.
When viewing the escort´s profile (you must be logged in) simply hit vacation mode checkbox. If the checkbox turns on "checked", the escort profile will be NOT visible anymore.

No data will be deleted, the escort will just not be shown anywhere until you uncheck the checkbox to republish the profile. To do so, simply hit the checkbox again. When it turns "unchecked" again, the profile is published and visible.

Can my escorts have different website URLs?

Of course - and this is a big advantage:

When you add a new escort, your (escort agency´s) website URL is prefilled in the escort´s profile by default. However, if you wish to deep-link your escorts separately, you can modify it´s URL.

Sample Agency

Please note:
Free members need to back-link to HappyEscorts to have their URLs published. VIP members can always display their URLs.

How can I upload my agency logo?

When adding or modifying your agency profile, you can upload your company logo.

The image should be at least 200 by 150 pixel. If your image is bigger it will be automatically re-sized and formatted to 200x150.
Help for Escorts of the Week / Agencies of the Week

Where does my ad appear and how often?

Escorts of the Week
We offer 5 ad spaces at the right column within a rotation with all escorts who booked that advertising.

Agency of the Week
We offer 5 ad spaces on top of the right column within a rotation of all agencies who booked that advertising.

Note: On mobile version all ads are displayed in a randomly rotation after clicking "show more" button.

Which payment options do you offer?

Depending on your country, there are different payment methods available like bank wire. But you can always pay with credit cards.

Upon successful payment your account status changes instantly and you will receive a confirmation via email.

If you don´t wish to extend your premium membership (if you don´t pay for another period), your account automatically becomes free membership again when the paid period has ended.

Do I receive an invoice / receipt?

Of course.
Please contact the HappyEscorts team if you need an invoice.

Which advertising media are accepted?

Escorts of the Week
No ad media is needed, your profile image will be displayed (just like the one at the right column).

Agency of the Week
No ad media is needed. Either your agency logo will be displayed. For best results you should upload your logo in 200x150 pixel.
Help for VIP-Escorts / VIP-Agencies

What is the difference between free membership and VIP?

VIP Escorts:
Your profile will be displayed on top of all other non-paying members. Therefore VIP-Escorts receive on average 200 times as much booking requests than free members. Also, your phone number is displayed on your profile.
Learn more about all advantages of the VIP-Membership.

VIP Agencies:
Agencies with VIP Status can add up to 120 escorts instead of 6. And, all escorts of an VIP agency will get VIP-Status too and will be displayed on top of free Escorts. This means up to 200 times as many booking requests than free members. Furthermore, your phone number is being displayed on your agency profile and on all your escort´s profiles.
Learn more about all advantages of the VIP-Status for agencies.
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